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I mean… really. Who wouldn’t want to have the confidence that comes with a strong and lean body? And the numbers bear that out. According to a recent study, Americans will spend over 30 billion dollars this year alone on fitness clubs, gym memberships, or personal training. So we at CrossFit FSI here in Scottsdale, looked at that and realized that even though a pile of money was being spent on these services, that suprisingly enough…

67% Of Those Memberships Went Unused!

Wow, that a huge percentage of failure. But, the reality is that Globo Gym model THRIVES on this being the case. They give you cheap rates at the expense of quality results. In fact, they base their business on the fact that you WILL NOT show up! The name of the game is sell as many memberships as possible… so many in fact that if all the members did decide to come, that their facilities would not even hold them all! That’s great for their bottom line, but…

What About Getting Real Fitness Results?

To do that, you join a COMMUNITY… not just a gym. This is the advantage of CrossFit. Using the leverage of the community and the relationships you build within it can propel you forward and help you get better results faster in your fitness, intensity, and strength. Join us here is Scottsdale; CrossFit FSI invites you to be a part of our “FitFam” as we say. Make friends with people who care if you come. Coaches who want to see you. A community who loves working out with you and chatting with you afterwards. A FitFam who genuinely want to see you succeed. You’ve heard this before and it’s true; You will become the average of the people you surround yourself with… So join us, won’t you. We’re easy to get to right here in the Scottsdale Airpark.

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