A. Warm up

B. Mobility

C. Barbell warm up
A. From high hang:
3- down and ups
3- elbows high and outside
3- muscle snatches
3- behind the neck press
3- back squats
3- squat snatches
*complete 3 times

B. Full extension drops
2×2 @ 1/4 squat depth
2×2 @ 1/2 squat depth
2×2 @ full squat depth
*from full extension (on toes and high elbows) drop into overhead position. focus on speed under the bar

D. Snatch
2×3 @ 40%
2×3 @ 45%
*2 second pause 1″ above floor, explode into full squat snatch

E. Snatch grip DL
Tempo @ – 5:1:5:1
*focus on body awareness and correct positions

F. 2 Snatch balance + 2 overhead squat
5×2 – dip in the knee. *keep weight light and focus on speed under the bar
Source: Workout Of The Day

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