A1) Dumbbell Bench Press: 30X1; 10-12 reps x 2 sets; 4-6reps x 2 sets; rest 30sec (Semi-supinated grip)!
A2) Single Arm Dumbbell Row: 2111; 10-12reps/arm; rest 30sec x 4 sets

B1) Supinated Ring Row: 21X2; 6-10reps; rest 60sec x 3!
B2) Forearm Plank: 45sec unbroken (add load to your back if 45sec feels easy); rest 60sec x 3

C) 4 Sets Not for Time:
40sec Wall Sit
12 Diamond Push Ups @ 2111 tempo!
45 Double Unders
rest as needed between sets
*The goal is not to rush here. Complete the allotted reps at the right tempo. Move with purpose and connect with the muscles that are getting activated.
Source: Workout Of The Day

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