A. Group Warm

Decided based on WOD and athlete needs.

B. Tabata (20sec On 10sec Off For 4 Minutes)

Of The Following 3 Movements:

4:00 Pike Pulse

1:00 Rest

4:00 Push Ups

1:00 Rest

4:00 Pistol Squats

SCORE: is your lowest count of reps during any 20 second period of work for each exercise. You will have 3 scores.

C. Strength

Sled Push/Overhead Hold Medley

4:00 AMRAP Sled Push (90/50)

Rest 1:00

4:00 *ALAP Snatch Grip Overhead Hold (155/105)

*As Long As Possible

NOTE: Sled Push Reps Are In Increments Of Five Meters. Athlete Is Credited Only For Total Multiples Of 5m Completed. Halfway Between Is Not Counted At All.

NOTE: On The Overhead Hold… Athletes will have 4 Minutes To Establish Their Longest Snatch Grip Overhead Hold. Athlete Gets Only 1 Attempt From The Rack. Athlete Gets Into The Overhead Position By Setting Up Under Load Just Like Doing A Back Squat. Athlete Will Then Jerk The Weight Into Position. Clock Starts When The Athletes Feet Come Together Or As Soon As Athlete Attains The Classic “Martini Glass” Shape As If Just Completing A Snatch. Clock Stops When Weight Hits The Floor.

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