A.)warm up min on the min
min 1 push up walkouts
min 2 back lunges
min 3 side plank 30 sec each side
min 4 mountain climbers
min 5 high knees

B.) core work
min 1 straight leg crunches
min 2 Right side plank dips slow and big
Min 3 Left side plank dips slow and big
min 4 low plank punches
min 5 right side plank dips fast
min 6 Left side plank dips fast
rest 90 sec x2-3 sets

C.) min framers Carry in 15 mins
200 m sand bag carry pick one that works for you
400m right arm one arm carry with DB 35/50
400m left arm one arm carry with DB 35/50
200m sand bag carry 50/75lbs

yoga work
back, hips , legs , upper body
after each move one round of
20 sec hang from bar
5 down dog cobras
5 squats with 3 sec pause at bottom of squat
Source: Workout Of The Day

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